How to Buy an Anonymous VPS Without a Credit Card?

Anonymous VPS has an established monthly charge. You have to update your contract every month. In the typical approach, users may charge their profile with a credit card. But nowadays we can find other ways of paying the charges.

The standard way of payment is using Fiat money. There is a third party (banks) between two parties in the prevailing payment system. So there are a sender, a receiver, and a facilitator.

With the emergence of blockchain technology, now, we have peer-to-peer transactions that work without a third party. [You can buy vps with bitcoin from Here ]

Dozens of debates took place since the emergence of peer-to-peer transactions about this kind of payment’s legality, but we witness its growth every day.

In the peer-to-peer transaction systems, you should pay your value with a currency. Here is where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come to the stage. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based on its blockchain.

What Are the Advantages of Paying by Cryptocurrency

One of the leading and most famous cryptocurrencies is bitcoin. In the following, we show you the main advantages of bitcoin.

In the past years, people were used to considering fiat money as the primary tool of transaction. In this kind of money, the government defines the currency’s value. Indeed, the government imposes regulations on the country’s money. One of the main factors of money’s value is the stock market.

Bitcoin is a popular kind of cryptocurrency. Cryptos are not related to the government, and it has no control over them. This feature makes cryptos secure and flexible. Cryptos like bitcoin work with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes transactions easier to track than fiat money, and it’s more transparent.

In this article, we introduce the advantages of cryptocurrencies over fiat money.

Its Division Allows Small Transactions

According to this, you can perform minor and fundamental payments. This feature is an advantage of bitcoin against fiat money. You don’t have this feature in fiat money, so bitcoin is the most equitable way of transactions that you may have.

Low Transfer Cost and Storage

No Government Interference

In fiat money, the government decides about money storage, taxes regulation, sell, or deposit of the funds. With bitcoin, you will experience more flexible transactions.

Bitcoin users can use it for different purposes. It doesn’t have common obstacles to fiat money like sales, purchases, and storage.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that any government does not rule. It means you can use it as a means of payment for any goods or services around the world. There are no regulations or restrictions when you use bitcoin as a means of payment.

We said the features and advantages of bitcoin over fiat money. With these advantages, we can feel that using cryptocurrency as a means of transaction is more effective than fiat money in several aspects.

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How can I access my Bitcoin VPS server?

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